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I am totally thrilled to launch our first web site outside of Canada.  I am inviting everyone to contribute their destination articles about the Caribbean so that we can reach like-minded travellers and share information and make sure that everyone who visits the diverse Caribbean region is satisfied.

In the mid-1980s, I went to the Jack Tar Village on the Grand Bahama Island and enjoyed a package deal that was enjoyable, but somewhat isolating. (I looked up info on this resort and discovered that the area is being totally redeveloped; amazing what happens after 20-plus years.)

However, since then I have not been all that keen on boundaries that packages place on me.  When it came time to research the essentials for the Caribbean, I learned that there is a heck of a lot more to this part of the world than beach, sun, sand and water sports.

When you are on a tropical vacation and enjoying sanely priced fruity poolside beverages, one forgets that the Caribbean is where Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the New World.  (All indigenous peoples hate the concept the Europeans discovered anything because the local people had found it first, thousands of years earlier.  The history of original peoples, European conquest, slavery of not just Africans, and the centuries of territorial disputes between the English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Americans have left marks all over the Caribbean that makes for fascinating exploration.

Many years later, I had the ultimate do-it-yourself trip to Belize.  Guided by a friend of ours who was doing a stint with the VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) in Belmopan. He had discovered the back roads and we stayed and visited some of the most rustic places I had ever seen.  I did a scuba diving trip from Tobacco Caye, an island so small you could circumnavigate in one breath, but when we were on the dive boat and plunging into the Caribbean blue water and saw the tons of sea life … all I can say is that’s a memory that will never leave me.

I invite everyone who has a story to tell about their Caribbean experience, to share it here.  Travel writers who want a link back to their portfolio page from the writing are free to include that information in the submission.

After all the work that went into launching this site, I am now totally pumped to explore the Caribbean.

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