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Flag Montserrat

Official Name:Montserrat
Government:Overseas territory of the UK
Capital:Plymouth (abandoned)
Brades (interim)
Size:102 sq. km (39 sq. mi.)
Currency:East Caribbean Dollar
Airports:Gerald's Airport was opened in 2005

In 2005, Montserrat was struck by a volcanic eruption (Montserrat has 7 active volcanoes) and this caused the evacuation of Plymouth. Montserrat is known as the Caribbean Emerald Isle due to Montserrat's Irish heritage and lush rainforests. And they are serious about it; Montserrat is the only Caribbean island with St. Patrick's Day as an official holiday.

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory allows you to view the volcano that rendered the capital uninhabitable. The ruins of Plymouth are like a ghost town; think Pompeii. Daytime access to the former capital is possible with a police escort.

Many of the usual Caribbean activities are available: snorkelling, diving and hiking; in fact you can work with forest rangers to help track the threatened national bird, the Montserrat oriole, as well as other rare species.

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Image courtesy of David Mac Gillivary -Montserrat Tourist Board.

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