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Official Name:Department of Martinique
Government:Department of Martinique
Size:1,100 sq. km (425 sq. mi.)
Airports:Lamentin International Airport (FDF) is 10 km (6 mi.) from Fort-de-France.

Colonized by France in 1635, Martinique has remained under French control since. The island is volcanic and there's a story from 1902 when Mt. Pelée erupted, killing everyone in the town of St-Pierre except a prisoner, who was protected by his thick jail cell. In contrast, Napoleon's empress Josephine was from Martinique.

Hikers and horseback riders can take guided adventures among the steep, lush hillsides. Windsurfers and board surfers will welcome the challenges of the Atlantic side of the island.

The beaches and restaurants are excellent and be sure to try a tour (or twelve) of Martinique's rum distilleries.

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Image courtesy of Luc Olivier for the Martinique Tourist Board.

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