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Official Name:Cooperative Republic of Guyana
Government:Republic with National Assembly
Size:214,970 sq. km (83,000 sq. mi.)
Languages:English, Indigenous languages, Hindi, Urdu
Currency:Guyana Dollar
Airports:Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri (GEO) is 40 km (25 mi.) from Georgetown.

Originally settled by the Dutch in 1616, and later taken over by the British, Guyana has been hugely influenced by the cultures of the slaves from Africa and the indentured labour from India. These peoples were brought to work the sugar plantations. This history has led to the ethnic diversity of Guyana, which is in South America and is the only country there with English as its official language.

Guyana has remarkable table topped mountains, waterfalls, and a tropical wildlife species that makes everyone want to be a zoologist. Georgetown has hotels and restaurants, museums and galleries - with Colonial and Victorian architecture. But the best vacation in Guyana is spent exploring the wild rivers (such as the Amazon, Orinoco and the Negro rivers) and staying at an eco-resort.

Guyana hotels and Guyana resorts are listed and will help you plan your vacation.

Image courtesy of Guyana Tourism Authority.

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Brandsville Apartments Hotel Georgetown 88 - 90 Pike St., Campbellville Request Info
Cara Lodge Guyana Hotel Georgetown 294 Quamina St. Georgetown Request Info
Grand Coastal Inn Hotel Georgetown Plantation Le Ressouvenir, ECD Request Info
Hotel Ariantze Sidewalk Café & Jazz Club Hotel Georgetown 176 Middle Street, Georgetown Request Info
Hotel Uantze Hotel Georgetown 176 Middle Street, Georgetown
Lake Mainstay Resort Hotel Georgetown 216-217 Lamaha St., North C/Burg Request Info
Regency Suites/Hotel Hotel Georgetown 98 Hadfield St. Work-en-Rust

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