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Official Name:Commonwealth of Dominica
Government:Parliamentary democracy
Size:754 sq. km (291 sq. mi.)
Languages:English, French Creole
Currency:East Caribbean Dollar
Airports:Melville Hall Airport (DOM) is 58 km (36 mi.) from Roseau. Canefield Airport (DCF) is 5 km (3 mi.) from Roseau.

In history, Dominica was battled over by the British and the French. The British eventually won and Dominica became independent in 1978. The rugged forests of the interior of the island allowed today's population of about 3000 Carib Indians to survive. The jungle terrain allowed them to evade and fight off the Europeans.

The ecosystems on Dominica are the tourist draw today and the country is working on sustainability. Perhaps the key location for nature tourism is Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hikers at all levels can find a challenge on Dominica.

For the water sports folk, Dominica has healthy reefs with fascinating formations. Scuba divers routinely enjoy 100 feet of visibility. The waters around Dominica waters see 22 species of whales and dolphins; whale-watching season is winter.

Explore Roseau (the capital) and Fort Shirley to learn about the history of the island and learn about the indigenous people's culture.

Dominica hotels and Dominica resorts are listed and will help you plan your vacation.

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Castle Comfort Lodge Hotel Roseau P.O. Box 63
Garraway Hotel Hotel Roseau Place Heritage P.O.Box 789, One Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd. Request Info
Jungle Bay Hotel Roseau P.O.Box 2353
Narakiel's Inn B&B Roseau Riverside Request Info
Picard Beach Cottage Resort Hotel Roseau P.O. Box 34
The Castaways Hotel Roseau P.O. Box 5,

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